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Implementation & Training

Our Client Servicing specialist will sit with you to learn your business and accordingly design the software and then hand it over to you. Plus, we would also give multiple training sessions (upto four hours in a day) to the Administrator of the account as well as the staff, which would be using it.  

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Secured Data

Secure your company’s data internally as well as externally. You have an authority to allow/dis-allow your employees to Import new information in the system but not Export if they want/ try to.

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Contact Management

You can keep track of client’s all data at one place- Key people details, transaction history, type and level of engagement, stage of interaction, etc.

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Clients Speaks

Focused on providing easy to use database and email marketing tools, NextGen CRM is a web-based CRM software & online contact manager for All businesses.

Ramesh Dahia CEO & Founder

The application is designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind, and you can perform most activities with just two clicks.

mona Rai Managing Director

Knowledge Base

What’s the Contract Period?


With our paid plans you can choose to pay monthly or annually; all annual payments come with a discounted user price. Your commitment runs until the end of your paid-up subscription period so if you cancel, after that, you will no longer have access to your CRM system.

What is Cloud CRM?

The Cloud CRM definition requires a quick look at the history of CRM. Traditionally, all CRM systems were in-house applications, that is to say they were installed and ran on servers within an organisation. Nowadays, newer CRM systems are Cloud CRM, that means that the application and data is all held on the CRM providers’ servers in a datacentre, and accessed via an internet browser.


Unique Features Of NextGen CRM

Easily assign tasks on Priority basis

You can get your staff to get onto the important tasks first. You can assign different colours/ graphics to your different tabs/ texts according to their priorities so that employees could act accordingly.

An advanced Support System

We have a dedicated in-house Support function, which is available over the phone, e-mail as well as with a ticket system that can be raised anytime from the software. Our support will ensure your query is resolved

Graphical Representation of Reports

You can anytime monitor/ assess/ analyse the performance of each Employee not by just raw numbers/ figures but also through different graphical representations.

Client Management

When a Lead is converted to a Client for the prospective customer is automatically created in the CRM system.

Automatically Lead Capture Integration in CRM

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